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Salicylate Sensitivity - spices, drinks, dairy replacements

Hi - I'm new to salicylate sensitivity. I've suspected it for a few months and have slowly cut out high salicylate foods, noticing improvements along the way. Recently, I've gone all-in on a low salicylate diet for a true test, and results are generally positive. Headaches are much better, I feel more alert, much less foggy, that's all good. The bad part, my stomach and digestion has been much worse, to the point of being very problematic.

I also have celiac and a dairy intolerance, so things get more complicated. Gluten free breads generally have multiple ingredients, some of which are high salicylate. I have eaten very little of this stuff anyway, but with the stomach issues I have had since going low salicylate, I kind of need something to calm it. The other thing that helps tremendously for me is coconut milk - how safe is that on a low salicylate diet? Coconut seems to be on the low end of moderate, is it possible to keep drinking small amounts (an ounce of two) of it? That is enough to help immensely. There is one flax milk, but I can not have it as it contains carrageenan where I live, and I can't have that either. Rice milk generally has carrageenan as well, Rice Dream is not safe for many celiacs as it uses a barley enzyme and while it tests at a less than 20 ppm gluten, I react to trace amounts.

On spices, obviously some are quite high. Some of the literature says it's not a concern because of the small amounts. What have people found in regards to that? The reason my stomach is worse, my stomach has always reacted adversely to bland food. The spicier, the better! I'm doubled over in pain at times again, not like before going celiac diagnosis and going gluten free, but I am struggling with the same foods I had no stomach issues with before when I used spice or barbecue sauce.

Also, I know cola is moderate, but in looking at coffee, decaf coffee is much lower than regular coffee. Are non-caffinated sodas better than ones with caffeine? I haven't touched any caffeine in years anyway. I have a lot of hydration issues, and once again, if I hydrate purely with water, my stomach goes on me. I need to mix in about 1 diet 7up every fourth glass to avoid issues.

Thanks everyone!