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If you have claimed ESA, or been migrated from another benefit to ESA, at what stage is your claim? Please comment if you want to explain further.

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I have yet to attend my first 'work related activity group' interview as the person seeing me was ill. That was 2 weeks ago and I havent had another one come through. If it is a matter of a monthly meeting with genuinely helpful advice with a long term view to getting me well enough to work I'm relatively okay with that. If its more often and about getting me to work now, I'm not. I simply couldnt do it. Its also a lsihglyt bullhying manner. Attend or else. I cannot know if I will be up to attending at any given time.

The medical assessment was ok, once I got through to the dr, but the receptionist was very aggressive. I do think thought that if I'd gone on a particulary bad day I'd have been put on the support group, or even disability.

I've not been offered a support group / work related activity group. I'd be interested to know how you got on. I would imagine it would be helpful. Sorry to hear you came across a nasty receptionist. You would think they wouldn't hire someone aggressive.

It's hard that sometimes doctors etc only get to see you on your better days, therefore not seeing the full extent of your illness. Wish you all the best though x

when i first applied for benefit i was found fit to work, the medical was awful, he said hello how are you which one normally responds to with a smile-he put on report didn't appear affected by depression due to this(amongst other things).I appealed and was put on wra group.When i went to interviews i told them how ill i was and she said come back in 6 months. After this i had to attend hospital appointments which made me worse(psche for m.e wouldn't sign a bus pass to help me get there)so i couldnt go to wra as well.Meanwhile i asked for a reconsideration and after months waiting and filling and out another esa50(had no clue what was going on) I decided to write to my local mp and tell him how unjust this all was and few month later he wrote to me with an overturned decision form dwp to say i'd been put in the support group.I'm meant to be up for renewal this year but heard that other people are still waiting up to a year later, not sure if this is due to backlog and atos pulling out.


I have said awarded ESA and after inital decision was put in work related activity group. This was initially the case, but about six weeks ago, around 18 months after initial decision, I was moved to the Support group following an intervention by my GP.

I have had CFS for years, I was working in the civil service and tired of my job (so I thought, it was actually my condition) so joined the police. Eventually I suffered a major breakdown in my health due to the stress coming at me from all angles, lost my home, partner, children the works, the police sent me to occ health got me diagnosed and then dismissed me. I went to claim ESA and went for their fit for work interview and was told there was absolutely (and I mean absolutely) nothing wrong with me and put onto JSA without any support. They have at least now transferred me to a disability support worker. I am a 34 year old man exhausted and still living with my parents it is now a year of being relegated to purgatory, I don't have much hope as even if I do eventually find a job I think the same thing is going to happen. Yay for ESA helping to support the right people Pffft.

Was declined won appeal

Won appeal in support group