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Is it possible that my soap powder could have caused my eczema eczema to come out?


I use surf washing powder and surf liquid to wqash my clothes but growing up I used bold washing powder but recently we switched from using surf washing powder and liquid to the surf capsules and then about three weeks later my rash came out which my doctors diagnosed as eczema two weeks ago but I didn't think it was the surf that brought my eczema back out as I hadn't itched as much before the rash but now when washing clothes in the surf capsules when I put on my clean clothes my rash and other areas of skin that has no eczema becomes really itchy. Is it possible that I have had an allergic reaction to the surf capsules which has made my eczema come out but no be allergic to the surf washing powder and surf liquid?

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Hi @Kristina281192,

Your Eczema is certainly linked to your washing liquid..I have had it ever since I started swimming at aged 9 and for many years I didn't know what caused it.. I have used many creams, gels and emollients until my Gp told me that I probably have contact eczema and I should stop using certain washing powders and softeners and only use the most delicate ones such as fairy powder.. I did this and straight away my skin started to clear up. this was over 25 years ago ( I'm 55 yrs old ) Now I don't use any named brand washing powder or softener I use the cheapest as they don't have any bleaching agents in them..I don't use fairy washing up liquid as this can make my hands itch..I have to cut the labels off my clothes because if the label or stitching inside the collar rubes my neck this can turn in to eczema, also labels inside my jeans/skirt can irritate and turn in to eczema.. I cant spray perfume or any deodorant on my skin ( under arm is ok ) as this also causes eczema..I only use shower gels or bath gel for sensitive skin and I moisturize daily using lotions for sensitive skin...Anything I use on my skin I make sure it is for sensitive skin.. When I first had eczema there weren't any products for sensitive skin but now theirs lots to choose from...Even testing perfumes on my wrist gives me eczema.... If your skin is well moisturized it will eventually clear up.. But once you have a patch of eczema it can take ages to clear... I once bought some jeans and the stitching inside made me itch when I took them off it had left my leg with a patch of eczema which took six months to clear up because if your not consistent with the cream it can spread...I now have perfect skin but I am very careful what I use.. I visit my mother and sisters but after a week I have to wash my clothes separately because my skin begins to itch and I know that means if I don't use my own wash liquid I'll be in trouble...Hope this helps..


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