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My Personal Life Changer For Eczema

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my personal life changer with everyone as I know how much eczema can affect your life. I had eczema for about 5 years and suffered to a moderate degree. I tried every cream I could get my hands on, visited my GP but as most of you know they just pass you off with something that's expensive and probably cause more side affects than what your trying to treat. Anyway so after a lot of frustration with many different products, my friend recommended a natural cream called "propolis" I have used this for about a week and have already seen brilliant results. I just wanted to share this with everyone to give them a helping hand as someone has done for me.

Also has anybody have any natural remedies that have worked for them?

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I have suffered with eczema all my life (now 24) and I have recently been put on methotrexate. I usually go against any form of drugs but to make me feel normal again I feel the need to take them. Ive had phototherapy, wet wraps, steroid creams etc nothing works accept for oral steroids e.g cycolosporin.

What has helped me in the past is to keep myself on a strict diet and to take part in excersise 4 days a week.

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Hi my son suffered as did the whole family for 9 years . He was awake every night with the itch , I tried every thing, went everywhere nothing worked until my Mum heard a lady on the radio talking about the hell her daughter went through with eczema, until she went to London Dermatologist who recommend Bleach baths . I goggled it and thought he was so bad I had nothing to lose all I can say is it was a miracle from the first time I use it . I put half a cup of the thick Domestos . He sat in bath for 20 mins , when he got out the redness had improved the dryness was much better skin was soft which was so strange , he slept most of that night because itch wasn't as bad . Three days later I put full cup in and we never looked back from that day on. All ways wondered why he improved on holidays knew it wasn't the sun because he got worse at home with sun because heat made him more itchy now I think it was the chloride in pool. Hope this might help you

Regards Helen


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