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New member from Scotland wanting to say good luck!

New member from Scotland wanting to say good luck!

Hi there, I am the mum of a girl with eczema and I live in Scotland.

I set up a new support charity for families with children suffering from eczema in Scotland after struggling with my daughter's condition for years and feeling quite isolated; it is called Eczema Outreach Scotland. I think we got in touch a few times in the past couple of years through social media or else!

Just wanted to say 'Hi' and that we're also thinking of setting a forum up for our Scottish people but unsure where to start... Did you find that facebook wasn't enough? I wondered what made you set this forum up.

Good luck with the launch of your page, I hope it helps your families connect and share tips. Will be watching your space :-)

Keep in touch

Magali, Founder & Manager of Eczema Outreach Scotland

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