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Promote your dyslexia support group on the Dyslexia Action website

Have you set up your own local dyslexia support group? Over the last few months, I've heard about lots of different support groups that are already up and running in different parts of the country. Some are adult support groups, others are for parents and I've also heard from some parents who are keen to set up groups for young people. All of these groups are led by passionate, driven volunteers who are determined to take action on dyslexia and support each other by sharing experiences, information and resources.

Dyslexia Action is keen to support these groups by making information readily available to others who are yet to benefit from peer-to-peer support. We are creating a page on our website that will list information about each group, listed according to region. Dyslexia Action's website is host to a steady stream of traffic, so groups should receive a fair amount of exposure enabling you to grow your attendance rates. We'll also be promoting the webpage using our social media channels.

If you're interested in growing your support group and you'd like to be listed on our website, please follow these steps

• Follow this link to the Dyslexia Action website -

• Download the 'Support Group Details Request Form', which you can edit in Adobe Reader

• Fill out the form as best you can

• Send the form back to me at

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