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Different Strokes
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All posts for July 2018

Post stroke insomnia

Hi. My mum has suffered from insomnia since she had her stroke a few months ago....

Bad day low blood pressure and ventilator

Last day was a really bad day according to plan Mom was supposed to do tracheoto...

Post-stroke Pain

What medication(s) help Post-stroke Pain?

Mom in icu for a month and she didn’t gain her conscious back

Hi every one my mom had a stroke on right lobe of her brain which affected her l...

Newbie here

Hi I just had a spell of feeling stumbly and off balance to the point I went to ...


Banned from driving in 2004 I had my stroke in 2008. After 14 years I have never...

Eye problems when taking Clopidogrel.

Has anyone on Clopidogrel or other blood thinners after TIA has problems with W...

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