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Minor STROKE before Xmas , all good now but NO energy , and weak muscles . Is this normal ?


Minor STROKE before Xmas I have NO ENERGY NOW , and legs feel wobbly and my balance is awful . Is this normal ?

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Yes strokes can suck the life out of you for a bit. I’ve had a few back to back due to my APS history ( thats how i found out i had APS) anyway keep your chin up and percervere it will get better but you must remember to keep pushing yourself forward. If you would like you may PM me. I am not always on but will catch up with you when I am. It can be frustrating but dont give in. I still have balance issues. But i have worked up to walking 4-5 miles/ day now. Hint: core work helps-sit ups standing on one foot holding/leaning onto/over counter for as long as you can so you dont fall. Good luck.

A friend of mine has written a book “stroke Rebel” which is what i did also not realizing it at the time but read it after. We have both come from being bedridden, toilet issues, etc to now walking and being able to be independent. Excellent quick read for you and your family

Sorry to say this, but it's normal as being tired is your body's way of telling you to get some more rest. Don't be afraid to do so as it will help with the healing process

Minor strokes affect people in different ways, I've had 2 & both affected me differently, the 1st slightly with my speech & the 2nd slightly with my right hand

Try & walk what you can each day as you're gonna have to build your strength & stamina back up, but don't overdo it

If you feel things ain't getting better after a while, don't be afraid to see your doctor

You've probably been referred to the Stroke Clinic as a matter of urgency, so make sure to tell the doctor everything & don't be surprised if you're put on some sort of bloodthinners for life