Hi.. Can someone please explain this for me ,Yes i have googled this still baffled to what this is about ...? My CT scan results . as written...The well- defined CSF density lesion just below the left lentiform nucleus is again visualised and likely to represent a giant perivascular space or a glial cyst. .. there is mild general atrophy add to that a tia in the hypothalamus ............ few scans been done recently but im so confused to why there not following this report up ..? HELPPPP

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  • To me it sounds like you've got a big empty space in your brain, but I've had a stroke too, so take everything I say with a generous handful of salt.

    What do you think might be happening in your head?

    Please be aware that the medical profession, whilst miracle workers, cannot fix everything.

  • Oh Tony i don't have a clue what is happenings in my head.. reports just says giant perivascular space or a glial cyst .. so which one is it ahhh now this is a mystery .must not be worth finding out .. ? must not be important enough to check it out huh ..

  • Sounds like they're the same thing then? I don't know because I've not googled either of them :-)

  • i googled a the cyst said uncommon. but there again they dont know ..if its that or the other . guess it's go to my doctor and discuss it but i doubt i'll get much from him.. I give up with doctors..? long storey

  • well seeing as doctors are the ones who gave you that diagnosis, they're the ones who'll explain it best.

  • No tony my gp didn't say a thing it was in the report i sent for at the hospital it's the only way i can find any thing out , so i have the records . so my doc will have had them so obviously he is not bothered . he will be when i get there.?

  • We have 24 hours a day of our problems, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Our GP's have 20 minutes (roughly) when we make an appointment or write them a letter to get their head around what we are asking them. Yes they have their training, but that is General (as in General Practitioner) so it's up to you to find the most pertinent questions to ask them and make them think enough to give you answers you are happy with. They also have all their other patients to deal with.

    Specialists have all their patients, the innovations in the field and anything else to deal with.

  • well i will ask my gp to refer me to the doctor who did the tests. i can remember one of the doctors that that i would be going back as an outpatient... never heard nothing more. so ill well demand a referral to a neurologist .. i have symptoms of something going on in my head but what they got me down as having derealisation nothing seems real in my head . weird if its all caused by this . yeah doctors can make mistakes i know this for sure. i have my list ready for the gp so . we will see thanks tony x

  • Call and ask to speak with the doctor who ordered this test. Explain your confusion, tell him you concerns and ask for clarification of why he / she is or is not concerned. Good luck!

  • What did they explain to you?

  • nothing at all they tell me nothing ,, had so many scans and i get no response so what i do is find out my selfi send away for my medical records and there it tells me everything .. so i have my appoinment and i take the lot with me .. see what they say..?

  • Didn't you call?

  • call who ..? my doctor , no i take that no news is good news if something is wrong i would hope to be called by them .. so nothing must be of a worry to them right.?

  • I had written a response above didn't you see it? Please check the post, thanks. I would not assume anything. I assumed people would be responsible and they weren't and results ended badly. Save yourself don't assume anything! Call and check to be safe. Concerned for you, Cindy in NJ

  • Yes i read your post Cindy i have an appointment to see my own GP , the ones who ordered the ct scan and mri was someone in hospital while i was in there, i dont who it was i was sort of unaware of who was around me at that time .after ct scan some dr came in said it was a enlarged perivascular space which i might add were on my other mri scan which they failed to find ? so then this new mri says it could be a glial cyst.? so i am going to have to sort this out but i know what they will say dont worry if it was anything red flags would be there.. not there brain so . there you have it .. dont worry i will sort this out thanks for yr concern hun x

  • :)

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