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Hey guys. I was just wondering I am having my op done on the 3rd July for my brachio cephalic fistula to be done. But I am also doing my driving lessons. How long do you think I will need off? Don't want to have to long off.

Many thanks


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Hi Lou,

I had my fistula done in the morning, didn't drive that day or the next. It was quite sore when gripping. After that I drove.


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Hi Laura,

If you are having it done under general anaesthetic, you will have to wait up to six weeks for the drugs to wear off depending on which country you reside. It is best to ask the surgeon/medical staff to be certain as our bodies react differently.

Hope that helps and all the best with the surgery.

Take care


Good evening. Yes, under general this time. I will ask. Thank you very much x


Hi Laura

2 of my 3 fistula were done under General anaesthetic. I drove just a couple of days afterwards, once the pain had eased enough. Worth checking about how long the anaesthetic stays in your system- for dialysis patients; it is dialysed out. If be surprised if it's more than couple of days, but you live and learn! Good luck with the op.

Nikki x

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Thank you very much. Hope you are well. I know fingers crossed this 1 will work xxx


Read this:



Fistula Fanatic:

Facebook page for better fistula care:


Also check on the DVLA website. Do not put yourself or others at risk if your arm is sore.

If its under general then the question is to ask the anesthetist and also any staff if you are on strong painkillers afterwards (stronger than paracetamol) . Opiate based drugs can easily affect your senses and some others.

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Also remember to exercise your fistula to strengthen it.

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Thank you for your advice 😊


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