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Excess fluid

Overnight PDFs

I started on manual bags in June and switched to overnight on the machine about six weeks ago but at the moment I can't seem to get rid of excess fluid my weight has gone up by 3.5 kilos over the last 2weeks and 2k of that over 2days

Been doing an extra green bag and increased my laxatives but not made any difference

Don't know what else to do

Any suggestions ?

Feeling a bit fed up as still not feeling great

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It's been a while since I did pd, but I do remember that the bags contain sugar so it might be worth having your dry weight re-assessed. I guess you can tell the difference between fluid and body weight. It might be worth increasing the protein in your diet a little, as this helps to keep fluid in your bloodstream and away from your tissues, so it's easier to remove.


Thanks for the info about protein and yes I am sure it's fluid as I gained 2kilos in 2 days and the fluid is all in my tummy and ankles and I don't usually gain extra swelling in theses areas when I gain weight

Also the tissues stays dented when pressed


If the fluid is pitting ie denting, then you are clearly overloaded. Are you sticking to your fluid restriction? It's hard, I know. Maybe speak to a pd nurse or dietician for advice too.


Thanks yes I am sticking to my fluid restriction in fact keeping under it at the moment also my blood pressure has raised so am sure it's fluid

I am seeing my PDFs nurse tommorow but he seems Not to know what to suggest we have tried green bags and an extra exchange at tea time but doesn't seem to be helping


I do think a chat with your dietician may help. Stronger bags might help with fluid removal-I always used the strongest ones, but they will possibly increase body weight. Are your blood results OK generally? It sounds like you need a proper review. Having high blood pressure is indicative of fluid overload you are right. It can be sorted, make sure you see a consultant if your pd nurse can't offer any solutions, as your BP will need monitoring. Pitting fluid does suggest there is too much there, so it needs to be checked out sooner rather than later. Good luck.


Thanks that is very helpful and it's nice to talk to someone who understands

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No problem. As I said, it's a while since I did pd and to be honest, it never really suited me. But I do understand about fluid gain-it's always been the hardest thing for me to cope with. I hope you get some answers soon.

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Your PD department should have a Dietician, ask them for an estimate of how many calories you are getting from your bags, it's quite a lot normally. However you seem sure it is water so discuss with your Home Therapy Nurse about doing a last fill of Extraneil at 1 to 1.5 litre as I found that this one fill, left in all day took as much out as all the fills (mixture of 2 yellow and 1 green) did over night.

I am sure yu will have done a 24 hour collection of urine and drain bags to see how much liquid coming out which will determine how much you can drink. Obviously another check is a morning blood pressure which will go up if it's liquid as it's mainly stored in your blood.

You might find this article interesting.


Hope this helps.



Thanks for these tips I already do an extraniel that's left in all day and it is more effective But have 2litres left in and I hunk that as it removes around 3litres I wonder if that's why I feel so bloated and swollen around my tummy

And my blood pressure has increased by a fair amount



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