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Kidney transplant - what I need to ask?

My Dad luckily received a kidney transplant yesterday. I'm going to see him tonight but what do I need to know to see how the kidney is performing. He has just had a gamma x ray and will get results tonight, but also I've read that his creatanine levels would also be a good indicator. What are the creatanine levels that we should expect to see in a functioning kidney after transplant? I know it's early days but it's just so I can keep an eye on things over the next few days.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi that's great your dad having a transplant, bless him. I had my transplant 4 years ago and I felt amazing from day one thanks to our son.

Creatinine levels, as I understand are different for everyone. As we all do different jobs, excersises, eat differently etc; it differs. Mine is 52 which is supposed to be good!

When you see the transplant team they will be able to explain all that to you. Don't think your questions are silly! My transplant team used to say "there's no questions that are silly ask away!"

I know diet and drinking PLENTY of water helps a lot! Also good excersise.

Wish your dad and family the best for the coming years. Live happy life is far to short!

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Thanks Churchill! Well you are not wrong about the 'feeling great from Day1' bit. I have not seen my Dad looking so well for a good couple of years now. He looked like he had been on holiday! Rosy cheeks, lots of colour in his face, just amazing after 24 hours, we were amazed. Still didn't have the gamma x-rays results, but his creatinine was 218 (334 pre transplant) and urea was 18 (26 pre transplant) so something seems to definitely be working! The kidney was frozen for at least 12 hours so I'm amazed it's already started working so well, I was expecting a delayed function really, but the results f the gamma x ray will tell u smore tomorrow. Potassium as normal, Hb a little low but that's down to the anti rejection drugs apparently and he also had is spleen removed a good few years ago so that could contribute.

We've taken him lots of bottles of water so he is drinking a lot. Will keep you posted and thanks so much for your response. I'm glad you are doing so well, I bet your son is a very spoilt son after giving you such a gift! xx


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm thrilled for your Dad and all your family to read this great news. All your questions so far can be answered by those caring for your Dad and it's important to remember that the questions you have now will be the tip of the iceberg as time goes on. Remember it won't just be during these early days that you'll be keeping your eye on what's happening; I had my transplant 25 years ago and my family are still keeping their eye on me.

My main piece of advice for you Dad is develop a positive attitude to your new life and if it helps him accept the kidney refer to it as "my spare part" or I gave my kidney a name. My spare part came from a female donor so I gave her the name Kibibi which means 'little worker'. Getting your mind & body to accept that this new object inside is necessary to your body's well being is a large part of your recovery and continued health.

I him every blessing over the weeks, months, and years to come.

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JD75 congrats to your Dad!!! I hope it all goes well for him. So i know ur across the pond in the UK, but maybe you can find a way to covert numbers. I have had my transplant for 28 years now. It was a cadaver donor and it has worked awesome for me. My creatine level runs at .7 almost all the time maybe .8 sometimes but I can tell from my Drs exstatic reaction this is very good. It does take a little to come down but i think you will be amazed at how well he immediately feels. I do know what was hard and even to this day still is for me is the fluid intake. When you are on dialysis they constantly pound into your head to limit fluids. Well about 2 days after i had mine my surgeon came in and slapped a 2 liter empty coca cola bottle down i front of me and told me i needex to start drinking that much water. Needless to say i laughed at him, but it is very important so that your body and transplant can start flushing and working good!!! Many blessing to your Dad/family and go slow and follow the drs.


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