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Hello, My name is Kaviraj Seesha AND I live in Alberton South Africa. I am 58 years old male and am diabetic. In May 2015 I was diagonised with diabetes. Sugar reading was 11.2. Clinic put me on INDO METFORMIN 850 Twice a day. By August it was reduced to 9.3. I then read about LCHF diet. I stopped medicationand I tried this LCHF from September 2015. My weight dropped from 96kg to 89kg my sugar dropped to 7.2 at the end of September. Today my weight is stll 89kg my sugar is still 7.2 but my blood pressure has dropped very low 114/ 7gb4 and heartbeat is 70 Can anyone suggest the way forward


Sorry blood pressure should read 114 / 74 and heartbeat 70


Hi Kaviraj1

Although your blood pressure and heart rate at a glance don't look worryingly low this is a medical question which would be best answered by a specialist doctor or nurse with a full medical history. This community is also not particularly active so you might want to try asking for support in another diabetes community with more activity - try healthunlocked.com/drwfdiab...

I hope this helps.


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Hello Matt, Thank you for this info. I will try the site you recommended


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