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Which of these apply to how you see this HealthUnlocked community/group? Multiple choice poll.

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I am isolated person in life. I don't have currently no good friends or relations around me to enjoy my life.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Mohannandigana1952

Would you like to talk? We are all willing to help and listen to you when you’re ready.😀

Thanks sir. I spend my time in praying God I also visit temples. Thanks again for your kind massage. Regards

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Mohannandigana1952

You’re welcome! We will be here anytime.😀👍🌈

Where do you live and what temples do you go to pray?

namahaAdministrator in reply to Mohannandigana1952

You are not alone..the whole universe is with you 24X7.. Ready to help whenever you want !

Thanks and regards. I am fine

I joined HU to learn about of cholesterol and blood glucose. Heart UK embers gave a lot of help on cholesterol, then there were issues on use of statin!, Heart UK, left and cholesterol support started.

I joined DI to understand South Asian diabetic issues. The first response I got was to keep my belief zipped up. Well, this is only one person's view. I am still here and always learning.

May be one day there will be data on blood test numbers as we age to control medication or diet.!

Because of the nature of employment I was in, I am on line from 7 AM to 9 PM, looking at posts and reading information in Google.

Take care.

I joined as a member approximately three years back, a few months after becoming diabetic. I found the members are knowledgeable and learned a lot from this forum.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Srk1942

I'm glad to hear that the group, HU site and the members are able to help you with the information you are looking for and it's able to be used daily. We're glad you are here, too. :-)