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What healthy grains do you eat/add to your Diabetes diet? This is a multiple choice poll.

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Minor millets.

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I have white bread and plain white rice.

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I would suggest steel cut oatmeal, whole wheat bread and minor millets. Please refer You tube and other web sources for more information.

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Hi ramana42 ,

Can you please let me know what you add the Minor Millets to when cooking? :-)

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ramana42Volunteer in reply to Activity2004

Usual like cooking rice in a rice cooker. Only we have to adjust the timing somewhat. Problem with minor millets is that they are not extensively grown because they are not very economical for the farmers. Slightly expensive and somewhat difficult to find a grocer selling these millets.

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Could you please add small grains to your list, it is imperative to find this out as small grains has a lot of health benefit!!!!

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Hi sandybrown ,

When creating polls, there are only 8 slots/choices we can use. I have asked HU to consider adding more slots/spaces so the Administrators can add more choices when posting polls for the Members to pick. Thank you for the great answer about small grains. Would you like to help me create a poll dealing with small grains in the next few weeks? :-)

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sandybrown in reply to Activity2004


You find a list of small grains in this link:

In UK, I buy ragi flour to make steamed breakfast items. I can also buy read rice flour as well as white rice flour. Again make steamed breakfast items.

Most of the small grains are available in Asian countries.

Many people are used to rice cooker to cook rice. Small grains can be cooked in a pot and water drained the old method of cooking rice.

WE also use chick peas, we buy dried ones, soak over night and boil the chick peas for lunch time.


Take care.

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aiyarvs1939 in reply to sandybrown

Ragi I am told is high in glecemic in value

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One cup of Ragi , GI is less than 40.

The link below gives information on GI on many products.


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Thank you for the information. I will have a look at the link very soon later tonight. :-)

Sorry for the delay. :-)

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sandybrown in reply to Activity2004

Please note that small grains can be expensive and the availability in some places like rice.

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Dear Members

I am aware that some of you practice eating long wheat grain to control your blood sugar.

Those of you taking any kind of wheat , please be cautious of Gluten intolerance.

Wheat , Barley, Rye contains Gluten - a kind of protein which your body may not be able to handle resulting in to gluten intolerances......while Oats do not contain gluten, but it is processed through the same mill where wheat is processed, there could be contamination of gluten...

In fact a severe form of gluten intolerances called celiac disease is mainly due to wheat ..those of you suspect Type 1.5 diabetes, it may be celiac....

Wheat may also be the cause of your type 1.5 diabetes which is an auto immune disorder due to Gluten...

The symptoms of Gluten intolerance is given in the link...please read carefully..

Stay Safe , stay Healthy πŸ™


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For Breakfast i make this in a large quantity and have it like porridge for breakfast with mashed banana and oatmilk

Substitute Wheat with Rolled oats - no roasting or powder required

Substitute Jaggery with Cane Sugar

No ghee - dry roast mung, sesame seeds, and Peanuts


Modified the recipe with peanuts coarsely roasted and powdered. Powder mung beans after roasting dry and then i sieve it - fairly fine.

I also add sunflower seeds 1 cup roasted and coarsely powdered, and the same with pumpkin seeds.

Lastly the cardamon powder, ginger powder, flax powder and chia powder i sieve on top after i have mixed the oats and mung.

It is very nice have been using it for years the GI index is very good.

So i have started to take it in the night as well and the next morning reading is very good under 6 carefree. No worries to see if the reading has risen.

No white stuff! No wheat! wheat has gluten and sugar told by my homeopathy.

Besan is very good and steamed items.

Of course i do fast for 16 hours!

Please stay safeπŸ™πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈπŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ