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Whats your BMI? single choice poll and please leave comments

JerryJerryAdministrator24 Voters

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best wishes for your project

What is you plan with the vote results?

BMI between 25 and 28 is over weight!, any suggestion to reduce the BMI?

Activity2004Administrator in reply to sandybrown

Hi sandybrown,

Did you call the doctor for an appointment with your doctor about reducing the BMI? :-)

I am afraid not. I have been a wide chested person due to weight training in my younger days! Most of my adult life I have been over weight but in the last 6 years I managed to reduce many kilos in weight. For me to be in the correct BMI I need to loose over 8 kilos.

This will bring me closer to normal BMI, my plan is to work on it, not sure if I can achieve it.

My aim is to keep the waist to height ration with in limit according to the chart.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to sandybrown

Can you please talk to your doctor before you change anything with your weight/bmi?

JerryAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

Hello sandybrown the poll is to help members see what their BMI is and there is a difference between being over weight and being obsese hence the 25 to 28 option.

sandybrown in reply to Jerry

BMI has been in use for a long time.

Now there RFM, "BMI, is currently the most widely used method for assessing whether someone is overweight or underweight.

But now scientists think they've come up with a new and improved alternative: say hello to the relative fat mass index, or RFM"

I have always looked at the waist to height ratio, now days I look at RFM.