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Desperate for pain to go away

Oh god where do I start 😑


Pretty sure I have serious gum disease

Lost several teeth , most that's left are loose. Receding gums and for the past 2 weeks excruciating pain in all of teeth and gums as well as roof of mouth needling gums too

I had veneers fitted 10 years ago but due to the receding gums you can now see my own teeth underneath

Can't eat properly and sometimes even speaking is a problem and the pain is just unbearable

Cannot get dentist appointment til mid September (they keep cancelling) I am

Petrified of extractions

I want all of my teeth taken out under general anaesthetic

Can my doctor refer me to hospital for this ? Given my fear and the fact I am having difficulty getting seen

Pain always peaks around 2am for a couple of hours and I just can't bear it

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and other health problems and this is impacting on those and I just feel dreadful

If I ring nhs direct and get an emergency dentist will they refer me to hospital for extractions

I've tried every pain killer going and they just don't do anything

Any advice much appreciated as I'm desperate

I'm in the east of the uk

Thanks x

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I am sorry


So desperate. Tried emergency dentist but no appointments 😑


Call NHS direct, I've never had any issues getting an emergency appointment with local dentists, but you can also visit any dentist for emergency work, you don't have to be registered with them. It sounds as though you have a serious infection, which if left untreated could affect your jaw bone. Your doctor should be able to prescribe antibiotics for the infection at the very least if you definitely can't get a dentist appointment.



This sounds like the issue is more neuropathic, than dental.

Try get an emergency appointment and I would first seek an opinion from Oral Medicine before you extract your teeth - as if the issue isn't your teeth, then you'll have got rid of them for nothing.


Yes I think it's neuropathic too The pain is just horrendous 😑 saw an out of hours dr at hospital last night and he gave me morphine . So was so excited to get home and get some relief and much needed sleep 😴 but it didn't touch the pain either 😱. Can it get a dentist appt until 4th September although I'm not sure that is going to help much anyway . I've reseArched online and have all of the symptoms of acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG) 😰 and probably quite advanced as I do already have a lot of bone loss . I'm thinking I would need to see an oral specialist at hospital? Any ideas on what else I can do would be much appreciated as I'm hitting brick walls trying to get help 😱


I'm not sure that it's just ANUG sounds more neuropathic. If ANUG present you need a professional clean and a mouthwash such as Peroxyl. Do not use Corsodyl as it can exacerbate the condition. Your dentist may also prescribe metronidazole. But you need to have it correctly diagnosed first.


Dentist says it's not anug? But prescribed metronidazole? Says it's gum disease not anug ? I'm

Not convinced as the pain is just horrendous 😱 dentist said next appointment in October she will do a deep clean ? But I don't want thst. The pain I get just brushing teeth is unbearable and there's several that are very very loose . I just want them out . My doctor has referred me to oral surgeon but no idea how long I will be waiting in this pain 😷 I can't eat sleep or drink and the morphine is not getting rid of the pain. My whole jaw area and face and neck hurts . I really cannot bear the thought of her touching any teeth . I don't think they are understanding the amount of pain I am in . I have CFS /fibromyalgia and there seems to be a link due to low immune system? The pain I am in is having an impact on my other problems πŸ™ˆ it's like a living hell right now. Can't take much more 😑


Sorry to hear that. If you live near a dental hospital maybe go to their a&e dept. Deep cleaning really is the best thing for gum disease and can be done under local anaesthetic.

Maybe search for a holistic dentist. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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