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Worried... Tooth infection

So I developed a tooth abscess over the weekend. Couldn't get to an emergency dentist. I did ring the helpline but she said she couldn't give me an appointment because I hadn't taken the maximum does of painkillers to see if it would 'improve'

I was trying to avoid them because I'm breastfeeding. I explained this. Now I have started to feel all tingly and restless. I'm so worried it's spread to my blood and then I'll give it to my baby. Can it spread in 3 days????

Could this just be anxiety or the start of sepsis so worried.

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First to reasure you, if you had sepsis you would know it very quickly and be quite unwell needing hospital treatment. Deterioration of your systems would be quite dramatic. If you somehow managed to breastfeed your baby in that septic condition, your baby cannot contract it through milk. There are very few infections where breastfeeding is not advised and sepsis is not one of them.

To reduce your anxiety symptoms I suggest you see your dentist who will prescribe antibiotics and eventually treat your tooth as needed.

Blessings x


I've been to the emergency dentist and she Drilled the toothed and said she drained some of the absess and put antibiotic inside the tooth but I'm still very swollen on my face and feel hot.


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