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Help with SSI

I have been given the diagnoses of RA, Peripheral Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. I hurt all the time and have a hard time sleeping. I have applied for SSI but an turned down repeatedly because I have to work for us to make ends meet. I have been fighting all these since 2009. On lots of different meds daily....anyone have any suggestions as to how I can qualify for SSI?

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You should hire an attorney who specializes in SSDI. They only get paid if they win the case and they are paid through the process and so you don't need any money to hire one. I recommend Alison Tyler in Colorado Springs. She won my case after multiple denials and I live in Oregon. She flew out here for the final hearing in the Federal Court where we won the case.

Keep persisting, documenting extensively daily and do call Alison ASAP. Good luck!

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It is very hard to qualify. My son had to be unemployed and supported by his wife in order for him to qualify. However, he did get an attorney who specializes in disability to finally receive approval. Good luck.


It's good to vent. I have exact diagnosis, try enbrel biological. Call SAFETY BET CORP, THEY WILL DELIVER TO YOUR FRINT DOOR FREE IF U CANT AFFORD THE MEDD, THEY WORKED MIRACLES FOR ME, PS KEEP A GREAT ATTITUDE, DO AL, U CAN,EVERY DAY IS A FIGHT, GET GOOD SUPPORT, THIS BLOG IS GREAT SUPPORT, GOOD LUCKdont give up! Count the do,not the don't. Trust me, I feel. Your struggle and totally understNd unless someone is in our shoes,no one understands but. Dedicated lhysiciam👍🏼

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I agree w/Patricia here. Your SSDI application is retroactive from the date of your first filing. An attorney specializing in SSDI claims will review your claim n take your case on contingency. Important to document everything,keep records of all doctor appts, etc. statement from your current employer regarding how your illness has affected your performance,etc. I was rejected twice and after a hearing in front of administration judge and my attorney benefits were granted with claim retroactive from my first date of filing which was 2 years! Don't give up, stay involved in your treatment and report all your ongoing challenges to your ADL's to your doctors. You'll get awarded benefits in due time. Good luck.


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