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Bland Diet Mainstays

Bland Diet Mainstays

The common pamphlet on The Bland Diet can be daunting. Full of foods that you can’t have, it might leave you wondering what on earth you’re going to eat. But there’s plenty of soothing foods available to you, and we have many recipes that will keep you and your taste buds happy. Think of it as a way to give your intestinal tract a little R&R.

Here is our list of bland diet must-haves:

Refined Grains

Refined grains are often shunned in a healthy diet because most of the fiber has been stripped. However, a bland diet is one of the only times refined grains are recommended over the whole grain varieties. A lot of the digestive work has already been done to refine the carbohydrate, making it much simpler for your GI tract to handle. You can limit fiber content in many recipes by making this simple substitution.

Vegetable or Chicken stock

Vegetable and Chicken Stock are an important addition to any kitchen, and great for those on a bland diet. Stock contains many nutrients and is the poster child of soothing food. By making a large batch of homemade stock early in the week you can add richness and flavor to recipes throughout the week.


Applesauce is comforting and extremely easy to make. It’s one of the best things to have at the ready when you can’t stomach much else.

Avocado Toast & Banana Toast

Avocado Toast & Banana Toast are hard to beat when it comes to ease and comfort. They will bring you back to the days of childhood snacks in the best way. Avocado will provide a dose of healthy fats and bananas help aid digestion.


Many soups are suitable for the bland diet. Cooked vegetables will get you through the toughest of times. Green Tea Over Rice is a delicious, soothing, and nutrient-packed soup. Miso, a fermented product, naturally aids digestion, the small amount of cooked spinach adds nutrients without upset, and using caffeine-free green tea makes this an exotic and tasty dish. You can get inventive without causing distress.

Herbal Teas

Drinking ginger tea amongst others can add flavor to your palate without negatively affecting your stomach. Just make sure to avoid caffeine and strong flavors that may be aggravating.

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Must-have refined grains? Doctors such as Ron Rosedale explain that an abundance of glucose propagates cancer growth, and this is supported by reputable agencies such as Sloan-Kettering Memorial.

I don't see any saturated fats, which are relatively inert.