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In general how would you rate your health?

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considering i Have Interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and Chronic Kidney disease stage 3

but I exercise every day both cardio and weights in Gym 2 to 2.5 hours of which I do 6 sets of weight exercise and 30 mins of bike

I am proud as FVC is up from 51% to 78% this year alone

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P S had stoma since 2002 and hardly notice it now its all routine

This is an odd survey. If we have additional health problems we rate our health generally after taking these into consideration, rather than rating it with just living with a stoma.

Everyday is a pain in the bum on my tum. Had my op 09/2013 but have never fully recovered.

Had my op 09/2013 which was a gamble being in bad health. The Ileostomy was a success but ive never felt the same as before.