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I have been on Gleevec for about a year. I started out on Gleevec & had a few problems so my Dr. tried Sprycel. For me, it was a disaster, so we went back to Gleevec. I am in remission hematologically & moleculrly. I have developed a type of psoriasis on my scalp & have itchy rashes I am having a hard time getting rid of. My joonts are getting stiffer. However, I am thankful as there are so many people in worse shape with this cancer & others. My prayers are with each person on this website.

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Glennaraye, if you are interested in following an integrative oncology route, get back to me. I have a compromised immune system due to a liver transplant which then led to CML taking hold. Long story short, I now do a combo of Inositol IP6 and 20mg of Sprycel which doesn't even feature as a therapeutic dose in oncololgy, but because of the synergistic effect of the IP6, and the diet I follow, I have it back in remission. My email is: