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Cleft Support

His mum rejected him

My husband was born with a cleft lip and palate and his mother rejected him badly he's in his late 40's now when he was a baby she wouldn't bond with him she never took him for hospital appointment s to have all his surgery he had one surgery that his sister took him too..

His mum told him she wished he had died....who says that!!!!

He hasn't got one picture of him as a baby she said she was ashamed and wouldn't even take him out...because of the way she was she never even took him to a specialist dentist now he hates his teeth and goes mad if people take the Mick out of him because of the way he was born his main scars to me are the ones in his mind and heart but to me he's gorgeous he's perfect we've been together almost 18 years we are about to become grandparents hes not as easily upset if people laugh at him he says he has me and his daughter that's all he needs and he's our hero