poor circulation

I have been told its poor circulation in my legs and that's all, I have planter fasciitis had it for years, I think that has cleared up and now I think its related to poor circulation. also leg pain, discoloured ankles, swelling of legs and ankles and lots of pain, I now have low blood oxygen, that showed up with restrictive copd, I have had a numb thigh for 4+ years with pins and needles and sharp stabbing pain, etc. history of bad heart disease in family all doctor tells me is poor circulation......I never even took it in until today when I found your community.

doctor does not even seem interested as I have mental health problems and every thing you say he says see psychiatrist. I am not taken serious at all. I also get veins popping in my fingers and its painful and stingy, I have been left with a small lump on one vein. sorry for the rant but I am new here and I have just woke up to reality, i' m feeling quite shocked. it sounds like I have written a lot of these posts. I am a female aged 50 years and my problem has been going on unsupported for years. I don't know if pulsing tinnitus has anything do with it, all this is been on going for 11years. any advice and help welcome.

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  • You have my sympathy. I was undiagnosed for almost 15 years and received a similar level of interest from my GPs including the recommendation that I should see a psychiatrist, Eventually I took matters into my own hands and visited consultants for each symptom. I was quickly diagnosed with vasculitis and atrial fibrillation and have been most carefully and kindly treated at the specialist clinic at Addenbrookes Hospital for the past 10 years.

    Discoloured and swollen legs are not a mental symptom and are visible to a doctor. Ask for a referral to a specialist. It is just as important to know what illness you do not have as well as what you do have.

    Good luck

  • thanks so much for your advise, how do I get to see a consultant without g.p referral

  • I'm not sure. I asked my GP specifically to give me a referral for vasculitis. They knew nothing about it but did give me a referral. You should maybe contact Vasculitis UK for advice in your area.

  • thanks, I have tried to get appointment with dr but you need to wait 3 weeks before they are taking any requests, oh my my, maybe its Christmas.

  • Did you have a word with Vasculitis UK helpline?

  • not yet, i'm on the band wagon just now about restrictive lung disease. its took mine 6 years and just started to get there attention, I have restrictive copd had a few spiritoy tests over the years, all come back restrictive, this last test with lung doctor says the same restrictive, only now done sleep test and now have sleep apena .

    its because in my opinion its restrictive and not obstructive.

    I feel I need to pull my socks up and fight the g.p for more info ect. I also think the blood clots and poor circulation have something to do with this.

  • just had a quick look and omg, I need to look into this more. I get quite lot of these symptoms, I think your advice is spot on. thanks very much , need to see g.p but 3 week wait as they have no appointments and there are not taking any requests, this morning I have woken up to what seems like a swollen, painful lump in my foot and its agony to walk. oh my one thing after another. thank you