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Gary Taubes

Below is a link to the latest article by Gary Taubes.

For those who haven't come across him before he is the author of a seminal book called 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' (The Diet Delusion' in this country)

His second book 'Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It' was aimed at the general public rather than the professionals his first book tried to reach. I have read both.

I'm posting the article as it is relevant to my postings on exercise and sugar.

The comments are interesting, especially the one by the overweight (despite his strenuous, energy expensive occupation) construction worker (Griff) who tried the low carb approach.

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As someone who has spent most of her adult life "dieting" and becoming obsessed with food, to the point where I became anorexic in my early teens, I can recognise the pros and cons of slimming!!

The one thing that I noticed over the years is that "dieting" does NOT work. I have tried them all!!

What seems to be suiting my body and my scales is the recent event in my life of finding out my intolerance to dairy and yeast. I am now eating foods I have been avoiding for years because of calorie content and eating fruit and vegetables that were once giving me unbelievable gastric pain. I can eat a "proper" meal without feeling that I have swallowed a balloon!!

I feel healthier, slimmer, even though the scales are still at the level they were a year ago when I was first diagnosed, (and that was only because I was constantly "dieting" to keep within my BMI) and am able to walk and work with more vigour hence I am keeping fitter as a consequence.

Sugar should be treated as a treat but not as an enemy unless diabetes is your nemesis. An occasional biscuit will not do you harm. It's the whole packet that is the problem!!!! Eating a balanced diet, with sugar (unrefined) as part but not as a whole, and making sure that your food is as healthy, fresh and wholesome as possible is, to me, the way to go.

Good health to you all


"Sugar should be treated as a treat but not as an enemy unless diabetes is your nemesis" - that depends on your understanding of sugar. Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease; it takes time to develop, and is due to excess blood glucose. All macronutrients can be turned to glucose, the easiest being carbohydrates. Of those, high glycaemic carbohydrates turn to blood glucose the fastest. These include jacket potatoes, chips, Shredded Wheat, Weetabix, white and wholemeal bread to name just a few.

So, while dieting may not have worked for you, it is prudent to control some foods to prevent the onset of chronic disease.


I'm just reading "How to Escape the Diet Trap" by Dr John Briffa . I knew exactly what his stance was before I bought the book, as I am a regular reader of his blog. I am trying low carb to see if I can get down to a BMI of 24, even I know it is ridiculous to try for a BMI of 22 and he makes the point that it might not even be that healthy for a "lady" of my age.

I know I don't drink enough water and I have taken his advice always to have a bottle with you and have drunk 350 ml already this morning. I also regularly home check my glucose levels so it will be interesting to see if they drop.


Good for you Aliwally. I'm sure all your glucose levels will improve - I'd be interested to see if your HDL/trigs improve as well.

Good luck!


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