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Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumours

About Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumours

Welcome to the Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumour Community Group, established by Success Charity.

Success Charity is committed to enabling brighter futures for survivors of childhood brain tumours. We aim to support and empower survivors to live the lives they choose, and enable them to fulfill their true potential, post cure. Success is working to:

• Assist: provide ‘joined up’ rehabilitative support services to address survivors’ ongoing clinical & therapeutic needs • Equip: provide direct access to better information, resources & key assessments • Connect & Empower: through distinct peer support networking programmes & events • Research: to better understand the consequences of brain injury acquired as a result of the tumour and treatment

This community is for survivors, parents, carers and friends. Please join today to share your experiences, make new connections, ask questions, give and receive support to and from people who truly understand and can relate. We are all here to help.

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