Hello new here 😀

Hello. Thought I give this a try. Please can I ask before I start not to use hard words and keep things simple as I have a learning disability and I may not understand them thanks 😀

I am trying to find some help with this. Going to try my best to explain.

Recently my gp said to try the flu jab as I keep becoming ill with infections. Me and my support workers have read online that's it's free for anyone with a learning disability.

The thing is my doctors don't agree! I went to have my jab and was told at the very last minute that I wasn't ellegble! I was very upset!

Later got the information online,printed it and gave to receptionist who was also very surprised by this information! Still waiting to hear back from manager but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance 😀

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I hope you got the flu jab when you showed them what you found. Some chemists do them for free too


Hi thanks for your comment. I ended up paying the chemist £10! I complained to the manager who gave me my money back. Cut long story short staff are going to have learning disability training!

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Good for you never stop fighting your corner.