The hidden

I have been residing on this site for a good while now and when I read posts that I have personal experience of or in, I say what I feel is needed to be said, I offer support in the knowledge of what I have been through and I take part in helping those who are researching Asperger Syndrome, so that they can help others through the eyes of one of us.

I read time and again just how limited the minds of the non-autistic are in comprehending how we see the world, how we perceive the phoney social behaviours of those untouched by our gift and most of all, just how closed minded these people put in charge of working out how to help people such as ourselves.

A year or so ago, I was invited on LBC Radio, speaking alongside a politician who was attempting to create a sense of understanding about how to help people with a learning disability. My first impression of this fellow was that he was limited by thinking like a NT (A coined phase to state neuro-typical) person. The first problem we have to get through, is to assign someone in a position who is autistic, or at least give them free rein to veto idea's that are typically closed and likely to be a costly fiasco. Why do they not have a trained psychologist spelling it out and also have people on the spectrum explain what living on the spectrum is like day by day!

We all can relate to a time when we just feel like our mind is on the verge of losing that little bit of self control we still have some grasp of! All because of how toxic it can be to feel so alone and to be so isolated from anything or anyone that can actually help us get some support. Who here can honestly say that they felt that the system gives a damn? Being imprisoned without just reason, is seen as an act of barbarity to these NT types, yet being imprisoned mentally and then being left to work out how to escape that prison of the mind is inconceivable to these people who want to help and yet are given no skill or tool to do just that for us!

I see these people as having ideals without context, aspirations without knowledge and goals without no wonder it is like trying to explaining philosophy to a garden carrot! (No disparagement intended to any individual) They simply are ill equipped to do anything needed.

If I were to say what the government needs to get something done to fight in our corner, they would have to live with our condition for a month to see what it can be like. So many of the greatest, most influential and ground breaking discoveries in this world are owed to minds that do not think in grey like the NT's do...we see a world in black and white, we fight day by day to understand them as well as ourselves whilst they fight for votes and power. Two diametrically opposing sets of goals.

I called the ungifted "Mundane's", because they seek only for themselves and yet we seek the unadulterated truth... shame we do not run the show, because the world would be a much better place and everyone would lead a productive life :)