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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 1-20-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK


Hi everyone. This is the BRAINWORKS for January 20th. You can use the clues to help figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters in each word. You can always ask questions and take your time. There's no need to rush. This is for fun! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. P __ M __ K I __ / S __ I __ E ( What you carve on Halloween and used in cooking certain meals ( 2 words))

2. W __ L __ / B __ R __ Y ( Opposite of calm and what a strawberry is considered ( 2 words))

3. L __ M __ N ( Has a sour taste)

4. B __ A __ K / C __ E R __ Y ( Also a soda name ( 2 words))

5. V __ N __ L __ A ( Also a flavor of ice cream)

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Jenny was cooking a meal based around PUMPKIN SMILE, at the shops she found a basket filled with assorted types of WILD BERRY, she also found some LEMONS and BLACK CHERRY, there was also a bottle of VANILLA essenceTheme FRUITS??? ☺️🌈☹️🍎🍈🍇🍊🍋🍉🍍🍎🍏🍒🍓

Not smile. What do you use with some seasonings? Another S word. Everything else is correct so far. :-)

Pumpkin slice????

Not slice. What is a word with sp for the first two letters?


You got it! 😀👍🌈☕️

Pumpkin Spice

Wild Berry


Black Cherry


Theme Flavorings

Activity2004 in reply to cljones

Flavorings for tea is correct! You got everything right! 101%! Way to go! Fantastic job done! Woohoo!😀👍🌈☕️

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