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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 9-15-2020 FILL IN THE BLANK


Hi everyone. This is the BRAINWORKS for September 15th. You can use the clues to help you solve the missing letters for each word. This is for fun and you can take your time. There's no reason to rush! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. __ U __ B __ __ ( What you enter for calling people)

2. G __ E __ T __ R T __ A __ ( Larger than another item ( 2 words))

3. L __ S __ E R T __ A __ ( Smaller than another item ( 2 words))

4. __ M __ L __ ( Another word for tiny)

5. __ I __ ( Another word for large)

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Greater than

Lesser than



Theme is sizes

Almost there! What is two words that’s tart with a G and T? Means more of something. Everything else is correct!😀👍🌈


Greater Than

Lesser Than



Very good! Fantastic job done! 100% correct!😀👍🌈

Nice activities to keep busy. 🤗🌈🐾🐦🎶🐕🌞

Thank you for saying that! I enjoy creating them for everyone!😀👍🌈

This helps keep your mind active.😀👍🌈

Yes it really helps me

Yes it helps keep mine focused off the anxiety and depression. I have a lot here at home ..

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