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father 80 rectal cancer,removed,nd colostomised.nd ok. cancer again.this time esophagal 2 stage ,4 ,1 yr.radiation 25 days dn,july13,

totaly anorexic.very limitd intake.swaloing ok.lying dwn 4,3 energy.weak to the core.wants to live. onco says cancer in tests req.hav to overcum weakness.gvng lipid,amino, imprv.geting infektd candidasi.sputum.voice gone,cant spk..can he atleast b normal,wok tok.anybody,any LAST DITCH,MAGIC POTION.thax.regrds.

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thanx rohit.kind of u.however,it was not to father passed away on 7 nov.the last few months were terrible 4 him,not merely physically but moreover mentally nd long one can fight .how long cn v keep telling him,no dad hang on ,when v c the writing on the wall.mind u he has been an international sprinter.with supreme other wise fitnes.i wonder y after so much research the medical sci cud do nothing.any way que sera father intro me to a poem cald IF,which is my BIBLE.c u dad,hang on.......


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