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Prostate cancer and spiritual recovery


I am new to this forum so pardon this brief introduction.

I am a research scientist- hence my user name “ data nerd”.

However,I have discovered that my Prostate cancer not only affects my body in ways that can be precisely quantified. It also affects my mental, emotional, and spiritual lives as well.

Some people balk at my use of the term “ spiritual” confusing it with “ religious” and thinking I am referring to aspects of an organized religion.

I am an agnostic when it comes to belief in a personal “ god” but I do realize that there is a power greater than myself that I can rely on to understand my place in the universe and to tap into when I am confused about what is the next right thing for me to do regarding my prostate cancer.

At times, this “ higher power” is my oncologist, who I trust will act in my best interests and knows much more than me about treatment options and side effects.

However, on other occasions, my higher power is my Prostate cancer support community who collectively knows more than my oncologist, because he is only one member of this group.

I am interested in communicating with others who recognize this spiritual dimension to their cancer. My intention is to develop a User Friendly manual that will help men with Prostate cancer find a path to recovery that includes more than just the remission of their physical symptoms.

Prostate cancer can affect our relationships with our families, our emotional stability, and our hope for the future.

In some cases it may even lead us to feelings of despair and questions about the meaning of our lives.

Emotional and spiritual recovery, therefore, can take place, even though our bodies do not respond to treatment as we hope and expect.

Let me know I f these statements resonate with your own experience.

If there is sufficient interest I will work out a way with Joel to use this forum to contribute to the development and distribution of this manual.

My initial focus is on Prostate cancer because that is what I know best.

People with other forms of cancer are invited to share their their own experiences.

However, the beta version of this manual will be shared primarily within the Prostate cancer community.

This community includes not only men and their families but also their treatment teams and the research/advocacy network which also supports us.

Thanks for any feedback/ suggestions you can provide.

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I love that T-shirt. It sort of takes one's mind off that dreadful disease/illness.

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