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Why I rode around the world on my Bicycle

Why I rode around the world on my Bicycle

I'm a 13-year Stage 2 prostate cancer survivor and I rode my bicycle as part of my cancer battle plan. Full disclosure: I didn't ride around the world all at one time. I did it by consistently riding 2 - 3 times per week. It took me 10 years to cover the 24,901.6 miles, but I finished my journey in the indoor velodrome at StubHub Center in Carson, California on Earth Day 2014.

Along the way I created a non-profit to lower the number of men who die each year from prostate cancer by providing them a simple, free early warning system.

A just-released study by the National Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, and a number of European institutions revealed that the reduction in risk "for 13 cancers rose steeply as people exercised more. The exercisers were as much as 20% less likely to develop the cancers in the study." You can read the full text of the study at the following link:

This study is a great beginning for what this community is all about: helping cancer survivors - I call us 'journeyers' - learn how to use exercise to beat cancer.

Bicyling is a key part of my plan, as was walking, and geocaching. Anything outside. One of the major goals for this community is to bring cancer journeys together at physical events where we can support each other and pay it forward to the cancer journeyers who will follow us.

Feel free to reach out to me any time. Stay Calm & Journey On!

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