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My neurologist report

My neurologist's report to my GP states I have small fiber length-dependent polyneuropathy. She has low amplitude lower extremity sympathetic skin response in keeping with this diagnosis. It also as a statement that I have lower extremity sympathetic nerve response stimulating the right tibial nerve and recording at the plantar aspect of the foot confirms response present but of lower amplitude (100mV)

Can anyone elaborate on these statements as my doctor didn't have much to say other then up my pregabalin dose or consider trying Alpha Lipoic Acid.

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I am unsure of you exact diagnosis. How much Pregablalin are you on? I used to take gabapentin with little result was on 2700mg. Now with pregabalin 100mg 1 to 4 times a day seems to greatly help. On a bad day generally in the summer I take 4 in the winter I usually can get away with 2 capsuls at night to minimize pain. here is some information on this hope it is helpful.


Thanks for the link. Right now i'm on 25mg pregabalin at bedtime. At one time was up to 50 at bedtime and 25 in the morning, but the side effects were terrible. Hard to wake up and sleepy all day along, worsening dizziness and a change in mood(sad). It improved when i went down to 25mg at night, but when i'd get a bad flare of pain that would hang on for days then i'd up it to 50mg at bedtime for a few weeks. It acts like a sedative on me. I've tried numerous meds in the past with little to no sucsess and found pregabalin works the best so far along with a chande in diet and herbal medicines. I know some people who are taking large doses to get relief. I was diagnosed with CFS/Fibromyalgia over 10 years ago and a couple years ago i had a relapse that woould not go away and now just told i have neuropathy. After some thought and research i wonder if this last relapse has not been neuropathy the whole time because the neurologist told me even being prediabitic for years could play a part. My GP however thinks i now have overlaping conditions of all three as when i initally got sick in 1997 it was right after a cause of flu. Regardless, it does'nt really matter anymore as i refuse to give in and continue to stay in shape physically and mentally. Thanks for the input. Cheers


No problem. My Neuropothy along with numerous other health conditions started after I received Chemo when I was 13, a year after compleating chemo I developed the neuropothy, some people only have it for a short time however, mine has been slowly progressing over the years. Later when I was 25 I had thyroid cancer. That was 14 years ago, I am always looking for ways to help me recover and deal with the late-effects of chemo. So I understand the fustration and fatique, which only adds to depression. As well Stress releases too much cortisol which damages the body. It is nice to find support and hear from others who understand. :)


Since my relapse a couple years ago I also have been looking for ways to deal with the many symptoms. I however did not look into neuropathy end of it. Quite interesting seeing as I have many similar symptoms. I was surprised by the many people who have been diagnosed with CFS or Fibro and then later Neuropathy. I know your in a different boat because of the Chemo. I have started taking R+Alpha Lipoic Acid and looking at herbal supplements by Donald Vance. It might be worth the look. See what you think.

Take care.


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