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Do I need hearing aids?


Hello I am wondering if I have mild hearing loss and tinnitus would I get hearing aids if I go to the NHS Because I have been wondering this for a while but I have been too scared to ask because I’m only 16.

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What exactly is it that scares you??? Anyway in answer to your question, you should go to your gp, who will refer you to ENT dept( ear, nose and throat), who will then refer you to audiology, they will asses your level of hearing ( you say you have mild hearing loss, who said that?) then they will discuss, what’s the way forward, I was lucky as I was referred to audiology to one of the two people who have a special interest in T, he immediately suggested hearing aids/maskers,, if you want “hearing aids” just for your slight hearing loss it’s doubtful you would get them, just my opinion,, good luck.

deltec in reply to Woodentop99

Yes I’ll get them I have mild hearing loss ul have to see ur doctor for an nhs appointment regards

Kebab146 in reply to Woodentop99

I went too see a specialist because I was applying for the army so I had to get my hearing retested and this guy mentioned something about it not to sure tho I have been waiting to go see an ent for a few months now but it doesn’t help with this covid around.


You still should be able to get a hearing aid, I have one on the NHS, I only have a small hearing loss too, been wearing them for about 4 months, it shouldn't matter what your age is, just ask your doctor to refer you to Audiology, ENT, they should be able to help you, good luck,


Kebab146 in reply to T-shirts

Thank you I’m just waiting for the ENT have been for the past months I went just before covid-19 peaked which didn’t help at all.

Don't be scared to ask. If you're 16 and you have a little lost of hearing and tinnitus and will help you.

Kebab146 in reply to Freddy17

Thank you it’s just that I’m young and have slight hearing problems but I guess as time passes I’ll get used to it

You should be able to get hearing aids, have a hearing test, then if you have any sort of hearing loss, you should be able to have them, 16 or not,

Good luck,

Kebab146 in reply to T-shirts

Thanks you

im 18 and we have the same problem we can be friends and talk so we would feel better

Yeah I agree I’ve also noticed it has been your birthday recently maybe be a bit late but happy birthday.

thanks my friend.were we sould talk? instgram or here?

I had mild hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo. Turned out I have an acoustic neuroma. I have been told I might be getting a white noise hearing aid. I had appointment in March but was cancelled because of covid. Deffo go to gp.

Kebab146 in reply to karenm1

By any chance what is vertigo is it where you concentrate and eveything moves around like having the spins ?

Hi, I have been waiting months to get a ENT appointment due to the Covid virus, so went to Specsavers for a hearing test and was told I had moderate hearing loss and hearing aids would help to make life easier to cope with my T, (not cure it).

I have been wearing the hearing aids for just over a week now and they do make my T less annoying, but when I take them out to shower or at night to sleep my T seem`s very loud.

As Specsavers do a free refund for up to 90 days will give them a bit of time to see how I get on with them.

Kebab146 in reply to bantams

I will see if I can get there and ask thank you.

Hi Kebab146, Hope you keeping well and coping ok with your T, I have now at last got a ENT appointment 6th August, still wearing my hearing aids but they don`t seem to help with my T.

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