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Having a bad day!


Hi, everyone, I have been suffering with bad tinnitius in my left ear( which is also deaf) due to labyrinthitis since last September. I have improved such a lot since then, but I still have bad days on and off with the tinnitus. It is always there but today is a bad day. It makes me feel very panicky. has anyone got any tips just to take my mind off of it? It is mostly when I am indoors that it bothers me. Would really like to hear from someone with similar. Many thanks

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Im similar in that mine mostly bothers me indoors. Its hard to engross yourself all day, every day. I felt that my brain and cognitive abilities were being hindered by my tinnitus so I bought a brain train app. Its addictive and when Im engaged in the different "games" I forget my hissing. Basically anything that engages the brain will divert your attention and hopefully the panicking will pass by. Key is to keep the mind occupied and not allow it to wander....bit like a bored toddler !

Best wishes,


Hi Shell, thankyou so much for that, I am going to try that. Yes it is difficult to keep the mind occupied all the time because sometimes you just want to sit, rest and just be, and then it strikes. Thanks again😊

Just sending sympathy. I just wish we could control our reaction to the invasive noise - it makes me so low in spirit and colours everything. When one is rested and rehydrated it is much easier to cope. I keep trying mindfulness - and sudoku and easy crosswords (!) and 'acceptance' ....and get by.

We are all in the same boat - keep rowing!!!

Hi there, I’m wondering how you are getting on? I’ve had labyrinthitis was very sick with vertigo & 5 weeks on I’ve been diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction. Tinnitus started almost a week ago, this is very distressing 🙄 I’m just curious as to how you are getting on, as we have experienced similar experiences xx

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