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CBD Oil - The Oral Variety

After experimenting with vaping CBD oil for a couple of weeks, I decided to go the full hog and yesterday, I bought a small bottle of the type you take orally. About teatime, I put three drops under my tongue, left it there for about a minute then swallowed it. There was no immediate effect as I expected but by bedtime around 11pm, the raging tinnitus I had had all day on the right side was much lower in volume and I woke this morning with an almost silent head. I took another three drops around 10am and the T was still audible all day but at a very low volume. It's now 8pm and I am almost afraid to tempt fate but it's still very quiet. Coincidence or maybe a placebo effect could be the reason but whatever it is, I hope it lasts for a while yet! The small bottle is enough to last me a month so I'll persevere with it and see how I am feeling four weeks down the line. If you're thinking of trying it for yourself, a small bottle is around £20 from a well known high street food supplement retailer. The taste of it also takes a bit of getting used to and is best described as nutty/earthy but only lingers in the mouth a for a few minutes.

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Hi Jimmuck anything is worth a try let us know how it goes & may well give it a try. David

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Hi David. I am at the stage where I will try anything and everything to try and get the volume down a bit. Now on day two of the oil and although my T is back today after two quiet days, it's not as loud as normal.I have been busy for the past few days with some detailed graphic design work so that could be stressing me a little but who knows with this unpredictable monster in our heads! I'll keep you posted as to my success (or lack of ) with with the oil. I hope today is a good day for you.


Hi Jimmuck like you i wil try anything to lower the volume my tinnitus is worse at night when i take my hearing aids out it ramps up good luck & keep me posted. David


Hi are you still trying cbd oil and is it making a difference...


Hi Valient,

I am currently using both varieties, vaping and oral. It's very early days and I am still experimenting with how much I use and while there is no immediate difference after taking it, I would say overall it seems to be helping. The volume of my tinnitus certainly seems to be lower than before and on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being loudest) it is currently around 5/6 compared to a raging 9/10 previously. Cumulatively, I've had a couple of days where I almost forgot I had it, as it was so quiet! Having said that, I also had a very severe spike which went on for hours the other night and it felt as if the sound was bouncing from one side of my head to the other. In addition to the CBD oil I also take a zinc tablet every morning and 10mg Amitrip at night, so maybe all three are doing something, but who knows!


Thank you for reply. I got some oil from high street health store and first day was quiet but next day was loud . This is a horrible thing because it gives so much false hope . I also take amitrip. Thank you again ..


Can I ask what the thinking behind the zinc supplement is Jim? I'm another one that's on Amitrip, but I don't know whether it's having any benefit.


Hi Ruud,

I've read so many articles about T on the internet I can't remember which site it was on, but there was a study published about zinc supplements and their effect on tinnitus. Sufferers were given placebos and some were given real zinc and the results showed that those on the latter, said their T had reduced in volume over a measured time scale. I was encouraged by the findings and decided to try it myself so I bought a tub for about three quid at the chemists. I don't know if they are helping or not to be honest but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Best wishes



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