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24/ 7 tinnitus driving me potty


I'm new to the group. I have had tinnituson and off sincentre my teens when I had viral meningitis. Since a particularly nasty cols viris in 2008 it has been continuous.

I wear bilateral hearing aids (Since 2005)

They help alot when I'm awake but it's the night time when I struggle.

Any suggestionsfor relaxing techniques that might help me drift off mote quickly please?

Many thanks x

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Welcome to the group sorry to hear about your health issues hope life improves for you. Tinnitus at night can be a nightmare you spend most of your time trying to sleep and all you can hear is the tinnitus noise most annoying but there are things you can do to levitate the problem quiet is bad for getting to sleep noise helps external noise more the years I’ve tried fans various relaxation apps traffic noise sounds mad but it helped the idea is to try and concentrate on the external noise not your Tinnitus its what’s best for you at the moment because of the hot weather I’m using an old fan which helps which also keeps you cool which helps sleep but apps help there’s good choice to use. If you do have issues you can always ring the BTA advice line the advice is good use it.



Hello there. We have some good relaxation tips on our website at and - you might want to check those out.

Best wishes

Nic (BTA Communications Manager)


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