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Liver Biopsy and Ascities, fluid in lungs, around liver


I have NASH found via fibroscan and my doctor found I had fluid in lungs and around the liver and ascities found via MRI, no chirrosis shown on MRI. I continually have fluctuations in alt als sometimes reading 200. I eat clean healthy no meat oil sugar, lots of green tea coffee organic veg fruit fish (the perfect diet)

I have been told I need a biopsy but read it's very dangerous and extra dangerous when you have ascities. I want the fluid removing via duretics.. Has anyone else been in this situation?

Is a biopsy safe has anyone heard of anyone passing after the biopsy, I have been told this happens to 1/500 and rate is higher with ascities- this seems very high risk to me?

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Hi, i,m not the best person to answer you but the ones who know about biopsies don,t seem tobe about at the moment !. I,m not clear why your doctor is talking biopsy, do you know what they are looking for exactly?. I would also be uneasy about the procedure due to the bleeding that can occur with poor clotting for example and cause problems so i would really get on to your Dr and drill down as to why he or she thinks it,s necessary. Usually it is the consultant that orders biopsy i think, have you been referred to one? . I think in your position i would take time to write down all of my questions,and make another appoitment notebook in hand and perhaps take a friend with you. Have you been put on diuretics?. I take them from time to time, but mainly manage through diet ( i had ascites arou nd my liver quite badly for a few months but managed to avoid needing it drained ). Salt was my biggest vice that had to go, and also green tea whi ch i had thought was good for my liver until a nurse told me otherwise and i researched it on youtube. Also I cut down on my coffee, which is good for the liver to a point so the research says , but not at the amount i was drinking which acted on my ascites. Sorry not tobe much use but wanted to reply until someone with more information comes online. please let me know how things go. As i mentioned I manage my ascites through diet and only occasionally need to resort to a diuretic to stamp on things quickly!. 😃 m.b. x x

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