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I'm new to this network, but spent most of the afternoon reading the posts!

My husband was recently diagnosed with decompensated cirrhosis and ascites which has been drained 4 times in 3 months. He's having problems with diuretics and is only on a very low dose. Apart from fatigue, he is not showing any other particular symptoms. I read that persistent ascites is a sign of really advanced liver disease.

Has anyone experience of this?

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Hello, I dropped my water intake to one & half litres daily (including all drinks I.e. coffee & tea) and perhaps speak to your doctor as to upping doses of diretic drugs, I was drained once of near 12 litres and after about a week it started coming back so I adopted the above , no more fluid !

Also NO salt

Luck B

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Thanks, that's 2 people who have suggested fluid restriction, so, will do.

Hi, I had ascites in 2016/17 & was drained 4 times from Oct-Feb. My body couldn't take the diuretics at first either so was also on a fluid restriction of 1 litre daily rising to 1 1/2 after my body started accepting them & no salt. They were talking about me having the TIPS procedure if it carried on but thankfully it became under control. The doctors say drains don't hurt but I found it more painful after each one even though the first was just uncomfortable. I'm still on 50mg spironolactone daily but can now drink fluids freely but I still watch my salt & follow a health diet xx

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Thanks that's really helpful

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