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Breast Cancer India
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Anxiety, confusion, stress, loneliness

How to get over

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Are you recently diagnosed, in treatment, or post treatment. People may be able to give you some tips with a little more information.


I'm not diagnised, but my anxiety ,stress level has increased much and I'm not able to withstand family pressure and experience loneliness and fear that something will go wrong


Nothing will go wrong, don’t worry. All of us pass through periods of stress due to variety of reasons. And all come out. Try to talk to a person who is close to you, and maybe just share with him or her. You may also get some valuable advice.

This forum aims to guide those undergoing treatment of BC or their care givers. Have you been diagnosed with BC? If not, then I suggest you can also try other forums on HEalthunlocked, which may suit your requirements. If feelings of loneliness do not settle and still come around, I strongly urge you to meet a counselor in your area. It would be extremely difficult (practically impossible) to guide on such matters on a public forum. A counselor can give you a lot of time, understand your situation, help you out and also suggest medications if needed.