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What is the meaning of bunch of calcification app 10mm found in right lob in liver ..also old granuloma?


From few days i feel that something is happening in my abdomen. .and i went to sonography center. I was shocked ..i have been diagnosed as per my report

1) bunch of calcification in right lob liver app. 10 mm

2) a 3mm tuny cyst foundin in right kidney

Suggested further for ct scan and pathological correlation

I scared. and it's already 1 month i have not consultanted any doctor as i feel not any serious pain or etc...

Kindly let me know the meaning of this report and sugget.

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All these look normal, don’t worry. Just consult your doctor once to ensure everything is fine.

One word of caution for all: NEVER EVER do any tests, including sonography, mammography on your own. Let a doctor decide. This is exactly what happens when people Google up and decide to do tests on own and then don’t know how to interpret results.


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