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Road Accidents

I seem to be surrounded by car accidents these days (and involved in one) and they have one thing in common. Due to cuts in emergency services an ambulance is rarely called - not even a paramedic on a moped. I happened upon an RTA that had just occurred whilst walking up my own street recently and, seeing the state of the car and the distressed state of the lady driver involved I asked the policeman if the ambulance was on its way and was told that they are never called unless there are physical injuries. Brain injuries have long lasting effects and are invisible to others. They can be lethal but in most cases kindness, understanding and the correct diagnosis/treatment will ensure recovery.

For myself I find my short term memory is shot to pieces and I struggle to organise things I used to find simple. Oh, and the most heinous injury? I have a toxic reaction to alcohol. I was speaking to a dear colleague yesterday who was in an horrific accident. We exchanged experiences and symptoms and she was surprised to hear that there was an organisation like Headway. I happened upon another rta recently where the lady driver was clearly distraught and in shock but the attending police officer said no ambulance would be called. How can we improve this? Any other stories out there?

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I id didn't know weird. If someone involved in a RTA feels unwell an ambulance should be called. Mind you it wasn't the best experience for me even when an ambulance was called.