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So had my angiogram done last Monday that was horrendous after doctor poking around inside my groin for 20 minutes touching every nerve possible me feeling like jumping off the table. Then another doctor called in to help again couldn't find vein main artery? So eventually they went in via my stomach just glad it's over πŸ˜‚ I was told that my Annie had grown 😭 feeling sorry 😐 for myself today sore feel rubbish and fed up. Sorry 😐 for moaning hope everyone else is ok xxx

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No need to apologize. Angiograms are awful. I know because I've had them multiple times. Sorry it was so hard for them to do it, hope you're recovering well.

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Thanks hazyjane77 x

That sounds AWFUL. I know I didn't do very well when I had an Angio 14 years ago. It was the one thing that really affected me and even though I have had all this deep brain surgery my Consultant said I would be sent for an Angiogram in the future. I know if it's not essential for say my Driving Licence or something serious there is no way I'm going to have it done. It put me to bed for 2 weeks and it was like been in a flipping Disco with coloured lights and feeling really sick. At least that is OVER for you now and they have up to date pictures of what is going on which can only help what is going to happen next?? I can't begin to tell you the RELIEF of getting rid of my Annie?? Yes I've had good days and bad but after every bad I feel a bit better than before the bad if that makes sense??? Please just try and stay calm. I know once you've been told you even have an Aneurism it's one big worry never mind the flipping thing is growing?? I know I have done a bit of research and there is a lot of areas in this country where they don't even treat them?? How bad is THAT??? So there are areas where they will just leave them to grow and burst???? It's bloody disgusting. How is anyone supposed to live with a ticking time bomb in their brain and have any quality of life?

I could get on my soap box BIG style about it honestly it makes my blood boil. Please let me know what they are going to do about it and WHEN?? It must be driving you crazy just the anxiety of it all. You stay strong and be a flipping nuisance everywhere you can to get some ACTION!!