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Neck Manipulation?

I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (caused by a ruptured aneurysm) Oct 2017, treated with coiling and have recovered well, however I do have a further untreated aneurysm that is being monitored. I also have a long-standing stiffness in my neck that I usually get treated by my chiropractor (been going to him for years) but now I am wary of having my neck manipulated. Can anyone advise me or tell me their experience.

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I have an un uptured Annie and I too have a stiff neck and I'm concerned about going to osteopath.

So I'm looking forward to any replies/advice you get. If I see my consultant soon i'll ask him



Sorry to take so long Anders. I visited my highly qualified and NHS approved chiropractor (never go anywhere else) and he worked gently on my neck which has improved. He took time to explain to me about different neck pain. Mine is definitely caused by stiff neck vertebrae and not by a contraction of the carotid artery. I'll go back for my next appointment quite happily now. Hope this helps.


Thank you. Mine is caused by laptop


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