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Possible Aneurysm

Ok so this is my second post last week I posted about having a strong smoke smell with the worry it was a brain tumour - Friday I had an MRI paid privately ! And results show no tumour but a possible 4mm aneurysm they say it's not clear because it only shows on one image so I need to have an MRA angiogram to check - any advice I've read aneurysms are really common and most people never even know they have them until they are found normally by accident ?

Can anyone give any advice im 36 and have no other health problems I guess if I didn't pay for this scan with the worry of a brain tumour I may have never known - I don't know if that's good or bad

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How worrying for you! I would certainly opt for the MRA. If they were to find an aneurysm they should be able to place a coil or a clip around it at the same time.

I was rushed in and a scan showed a haemorrhage but they did the angiogram to find the source of the bleed and placed coils around the aneurysm there and then. Unfortunately I was already in a coma. Hurry up and get the appointment time is of the essence hunny. If need be go to A & E and tell them you have a severe headache. This should prompt the neuro-radiologist to perform the angiogram straight away. I'm not alarmist and really don't want to frighten you but it needs investigating.

Keep in touch x


I too had 4mm Annie found 'by accident' ... it felt like a ticking time bomb, but in hindsight its not, maybe easy to say now its been 'treated' .... I luckily had private medical insurance and had a flow diverting stent fitted, not open surgery but vascularly (if thats a word) I woke up from op without even a headache! ..... so hooray its done! but psychologically its not that easy! I now fret over what could have happen during op and wonder if I should have taken the chance, as they say many people die from other things and turn out they have an unruputred Annie which caused no probs!! I also worry about any little pain or twinge in my head and groin in case its anything to do with the op!! maybe its just me....... One doctor told me 'you are not in any immediate danger' this is so true, so think about it all really long and hard, you have time. Best of luck


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