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Please help

I have Sciatica and peripheral neuropathy. Due to having a slipped disc in my l4-l5 vertebrae and my l5-s1 discs are degenerative. Also have the start of arthritis in my knee. The pain is unbearable I have to take tramadol and gabapentin but it doesn't seem to work when the pain is severe. Do you have any advice on what I could do physio isn't an option because it doesn't work I've tried it. I'm literally at my wits end with this illness

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Oh Pingu1991 I am sorry that no-one has been well enough to come along and answer your question. I'll give it a go now.

Have you had any blood tests done? Peripheral neuropathy may or may not respond to B12 if your levels are low. Sage (Salvia officinalis) might help as might the bark of White Willow (Salix alba). My own preference would be Turmeric (Curcuma longa).

Something else I would recommend is fermented foods particularly live kefir for the benefit it provides for gut health and bone regeneration. You might consider overhauling your diet completely starting with an elimination diet to see if you can reverse that arthritis. Some note a tremendous improvement of neuropathy through alkalising their diet. You could try (fresh whole) lemon water and/or bicarb for a start.

Have you tried acupuncture or chiropracty at all? Acupuncture has worked for me so I am all in favour of it but the best results from any therapy of that type I experienced were from cranial osteopathy - but you need a good therapist (the second one I went to was about as much good as a chocolate fireguard).

Fingers crossed you find a solution in this.


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