Massive Thanks!!!!

I would like to thank everyone for the brilliant comments about my last two blogs describing the journey to getting on the transplant list and learning to live with life on the list.

Some made me cry and others made me laugh. Its great to know there are such wonderfull people out there who really care. Were all in this club of ill health but what amaizes me most is the feeling of togetherness, a kind of bond joining us in our battles to beat this curse of breathlessness that blights our lives.

It may restrict us but it dos'nt stop us does it. I'm so proud to be a part of a group of great people who just refuse to give in no matter how bad things may be.

Keep on fighting all, right to the end!!!


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  • Tony

    When you say about 'the feeling of togetherness, a kind of bond..' in reference to this little club it made me remember a quote I once heard :

    Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own.

    It is sort of how I feel on this site, like we are all family, no blood ties needed and we take that fight on together !


  • Well said Anna I could'nt agree more, I love that quote you remembered and I think there are many on this site that feel the same.

    Its great that some good can come from so much torment


  • All for one and one for all!

    I cannot have a transplant Tony, for several reasons. But I can rejoice in you having that chance. Strangely, it pleases me almost as much as having it myself. One of us will beat this terrible disease, and that is a victory for all of us. xx

  • As a newly diagnosed and scared lady your positivity and hope that you and everyone on here gives is a treatment in itself.... We are all strangers but have one strong bond.... To survive, to live and support each other in our fight with these conditions...

    I like the others feel so happy for you and can't wait for more news.... Plus it gives me hope that if I need one I will get one too!!!

    Sorry bout the lost match but fantastic you enjoyed it... And all that shouting had given your lungs a good workout!


  • Hi Heather, Its best to try and focus all your energy in a positive way. Don't dwell on what might happen as that will just drag you down.

    There's no doubt that as a group we are all stronger and better armed for what might lay ahead.

    As the football season is coming to an end soon I will have to get my lung exercise shouting at my wife instead, oops maybe thats not such a good idea!. ok I'll settle for more walking.


  • Lol that was funny and you are so right! I think I am just a bit down as I am a bit run down due to not being able to eat for so long ... But will work on that!

    Footy is great... I don't support a football team but love watching a good match...

    Thank you for your positive kick up the bum! Lol


  • We talk ,understand ,have tears,have laughs that is what keeps us all together in a bond of friendship.

    If you want a good laugh ,think HEREFORD UNITED........OOPS

  • Ouch'a , well I guess there were times this season when all you could do was laugh. There were 2 home goals I can think of that were hilarious.

    The ability to laugh at one's self can never be underestimated, you should know that King as your the expert when it comes to laughter.

    Tony. :)

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