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For George1945 and Lucky19 (and Aside)

I have had to do a separate thread as i couldnt just do a reply for some reason.

George, my GP is also the specialist at the big local hospital near to me, so he does know what he is doing. I have had the full range of tests and i trust him fully.

Lucky, you are doing everything great and I think your GP sounds like mine. xx

(Aside, I have no idea about your motive for your comments.)

Lynne xx

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Thanks Lynne hun,

Haven't been able to say anything...perhaps as well! Have been getting P404 errors all night!



I reported it.


Lynne xx

I've been getting loads of error messages too.

Hang in there xx

Lynne xx

I've just managed to post a reply to the above mentioned...much to my delight I might add!

Not wishing to stir things but that really got to me posting that link. :(

Hello Lynne, thanks for your reply. My reason for asking was because I have noticed quite a few people have commented on this forum that they are diagnosed by their gp and never have any substantial tests and are simply told here's a couple of inhalers you have copd, goodbye. And then with Lindirose commenting today that she was wrongly diagnosed with copd when it was found 6 months later that she actually had cancer, it made me wonder why everyone isn't getting the testing available. You obviously are so that's great, and Lucky too. No secret motive, if that's what you mean! Just curiosity as to why some are treated thoroughly and others not. George

You're right there. I think many GPs don't know. I am very lucky with mine.

Didn't think you had any secret motive, just a reasonable enquiry. Unfortunately someone else was trying to ave a go at Lucky, not you though.

Lynne xx

Apologies, it's just clicked - when you put (Aside, I have no idea about your motive for your comments.) I'd forgotton that person's name and thought it was ment for me! All's well that ends well. George

Good. I would not want there to be any confusion xx

Chill pill :-)

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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