Had my first PR meeting today

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, I have just got back from my first PR meeting with Physiotherapists, such lovely people they are too, it was just an assessment today, lots of questions and form filling, did a little 6 minute walk exercise and I start proper exercises next week, Wednesday and Friday, 11/2 hours each session, I met a couple of others who will be doing it with me and they seemed very nice, it was nice to meet people with the same condition, the coarse is for 7 weeks so I hope it does me some good, sure it will, am really looking forward to it. Anyone who is waiting or thinking of trying it, go for it they are so nice and understanding, I will let you know how it progresses, the cuppa and chat at the end sounds nice too, keep well xx


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That sound really great, I wish I could get to the hospital to go on a course but the cost of getting there is a bit beyond my means right now, however I believe I may be able to get a Prescription off GP to go to my local gym, I hope you enjoy your sessions & i,m sure you,l notice a big improvement in your health. Good Luck & let us know how it goes, karen

Yes let us know how you get on, have always heard of good reports of these courses.

lib x

Keep us informed of your progress, I'm sure you'll love it

Kim xxx

You will feel much better in body and mind for doingPR.


I was pleased to read your message, brooksju. I have asked for PR and should be going. We dont have one in this town, and will have to travel 5 miles away but will get community car service.

Good luck with that annie, sorry you have to travel so far but at least you will have community transport, take and stay well x


Thanks for that Brooksju. I start mine on the 26th so a heads up is apreciated. Bob

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